• Message from CEO

"Thank you for visiting EuroTech Tooling Solution's website."

Since established in 2001, EuroTech Tooling Solution has become a professional toolmaker and engineering/management
solutions provider in stamping die construction.
I am a Portuguese and my work experience stretches over 30 years in European tooling/stamping companies as a toolmaker, specialist, and technical commerical manager.

"We have high skilled European designers and toolmakers who belong to EuroTech Tooling Solution. In addtional, we know very well tooling markets with good workmanship toolmaker partners in Korea and China.
Also, as well as our own facilities, we have another laboratory to support tooling tryouts with various types of stamping presses equipped with automatic feeder lines.
EuroTech Tooling Solution is the best toolmaker with our own facilities in Asia-Pacific and our incidental job is to make a powerful database for existing good workmanship tooling partners and to find out new promising tooling partners for EuroTech Tooling Solution to support our customers for a good tooling/part’s quality in time at a competitive price.
In addition, we have experienced English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese speaking program managements for a good technical communication with our customers.
EuroTech Tooling Solution's objective is to offer the best possible solutions with European or NA tooling concept/philosophy using the Korean capacity/flexibility and competitiveness."

Therefore, we have no doubt that we can provide high quality tooling products with exceptional customer service that meet our customers' needs.
Thank you so much for your kind attention,

EuroTech Tooling Solution
Responsible Technique CEO
Manuel Oliveira